Due to Covid-19, PGCD has closed its doors to the public. Most of our services can be started online, feel free to explore the website, and call the office at 806-883-2501 if you have any questions. We appreciate your cooperation during this time. 

Meeting Information

Agenda 4.28.20 - Teleconference Meeting 

Dial in number: (844)844-0014

Access code: 610970

Agenda 3.11.20

Agenda 1.28.20

Public Meeting, Regular Meeting and PGCD Rules Workshop Agenda 11.14.19 - Amended Agenda

Public Meeting, Regular Meeting and PGCD Rules Workshop Agenda 11.14.19

Agenda 9.17.19

Notice of Tax Revenue Increase 9.17.19

Public Hearing on Tax Increase 9.5.19

Public Hearing on Tax Increase and Regular Meeting Agenda 8.26.19

Notice of Public Hearing on Tax Increase

Notice of Effective Tax Rate

Agenda 8.8.19

Public Hearing Legal Notice 7.25.19

Agenda 7.25.19

Agenda 6.27.19

Agenda 5.09.19

Agenda 4.05.19

Agenda 3.29.19

Agenda 2.27.19

Agenda 1.17.19

Revised Agenda 12.20.18

Agenda 12.20.18 

Hearing Notice 12.20.18

Agenda 11.15.18

Agenda 10.23.18

Agenda 9.27.18

Agenda 8.16.18

Agenda 7.12.18

Agenda 5.24.18

Agenda 4.12.18

Agenda 3.1.18

Agenda 1.26.18

Agenda 11.30.17

Agenda 9.28.17

Agenda 8.24.17

Agenda 7.19.17

Agenda 7.6.17 Teleconference

Agenda 6.8.17

Agenda 3.23.17

Agenda 2.23.17

Legal Notice 2017

Agenda 1.19.17

Agenda 12.15.16

Agenda 9.22.16

Agenda 8.18.16

Agenda 7.14.16

Agenda Hearing GMA 1 7.14.16

DFC Public Comment Notice

Agenda 5.26.16

Hearing Notice 4.21.16

Hearing Notice

Agenda 1.21.16

The Panhandle Groundwater Conservation District will strive to develop, promote and implement water conservation, augmentation and management strategies to protect water resources for the benefit of the citizens, economy, and environment of the District.



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