Log in to RunIT CMS

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Logging into the CMS

  • Browse to http://yourdomain.com/admin
  • Username is your Email Address and your Password has been defined by you
  • You may request your password from the login page
  • The ‘Forgot Password’ link will send you an email with instructions on how to reset your password.

RunIT CMS Basics

  • Once you are logged in you will see a ‘Wrench’ appear in the top left of your screen.
  • Click on the wrench to see all of the tools available to you and your user account management links
  • Account Management Options
    • Change Password. You must type in your current password, new password, and confirm new password. Click ‘Submit’
    • Logout. Returns you back to the login page and ends your session. Often times, closing the browser will also end your session.
    • My Account. You may edit some of your personal information. Optional. If you need to change your username/email please contact our support team.
  • The links at the bottom of the Tools menu:
    • Support. You can fill out a form and it will email our ticketing system and be put on our list. It is treated the exact same way as an emailed support ticket. You still have the option to call our support line and get in touch with a support technician.
    • Feedback. If you see something we can make better, have a good idea about a new feature, or want to tell us ‘Good Job’. You can click the feedback link and it will send us the message.
    • Change Log. After we release an update, the change log will show you what’s new and will give some details about our Roadmap.

The Panhandle Groundwater Conservation District will strive to develop, promote and implement water conservation, augmentation and management strategies to protect water resources for the benefit of the citizens, economy, and environment of the District.



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